Personal Injury/Product Liability

Given our civil litigation experience, we are prepared to take your claims to court and wherever else if you have suffered personal injuries of any type. Personal injuries are a fact of life. Personal injuries can occur from simply slipping and falling while walking, riding your motorcycle or bicycle, taking the bus or train, flying on an airplane, using a product that the manufacturer put on the market as safe, drinking a prescribed medicine, using a household product, being treated for illness by a medical facility, delivering a baby, or simply using your cellular telephone. You also may have suffered an emotional injury from learning that your deceased spouse was cremated by the medical examiner’s office without your knowledge or consent after reporting your spouse missing to the police department. No matter the source of your personal injury, our firm is here to represent you. We are prepared to use our litigation experience to make the person or company responsible for your injuries to pay for your suffering. We are experienced in the following common sources of our clients’ injuries:

• Defective automobiles
• Automobile/automotive accidents
• Chemical products
• Consumer products
• Defective medical devices
• Medical malpractice
• Pharmaceutical products
• Tobacco products
• Pollution