International Matters

We represent companies and individuals who do business or are interested in doing business internationally. We also represent individuals in various personal matters that span the continents. We have a network of international lawyers ready to help you understand and navigate not just the laws but also the differences in culture, political climate, language, and norms, which could constitute significant challenges to your ability to achieve your goals and objectives abroad. (As we stated earlier, Mr. Ogune is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Nigerian Supreme Court.) The following are examples of where we had helped our clients in the past:

  • Due diligence for clients looking to invest in Africa.
  • Reviewing offers of crude oil sales for fraud and other issues.
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing sales purchase contracts.
  • Investigating business contacts and offers from abroad for genuineness and to guide against fraud, including guiding against those “famous” emails involving advanced fee fraud.
  • Advising clients on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Prosecuting and defending claims brought under the Alien Torts Claims Act.
  • Effecting service of process on defendants sued in U.S. courts but living in Nigeria or other African countries.
  • Overseeing transfers of technology.
  • Advising on international adoptions.
  • Helping non-profit organizations in their important work of providing aids and assistance to those in need around the globe.
  • Advising U.S. companies and traders on the sales of goods to their foreign partners.

 If your matter is international, chances are that we can help you for a small fee compared to what the large firms bill, as we know that you do not need 100 lawyers to do what one lawyer can do.