Civil Litigation

Whether you have been sued or you are suing in court, we can help you. Over the years, Mr. Ogune has represented a variety of clients, both plaintiffs and defendants, in federal and state courts. Mr. Ogune spends most of his time in court dealing with some of the most complex legal issues in law. In other words, our firm is prepared to prosecute and defend our clients’ rights aggressively in any dispute, be that in court or other fora of dispute resolution. We begin any representation by listening to the client, because we know that it is the client’s matter, understanding the client’s objectives and working closely to devise an efficient and effective case management strategy, including helping the client select and undertake the most cost-effective form of resolving the dispute. We do so through our familiarity with courtroom procedures, substantive knowledge base, diligent discovery techniques, and excellent legal analysis, research and writing. And we are prepared to work with you to understand and manage your costs, and to create any fee arrangement that would provide you with set expectation throughout your matter.


At trial, one party must lose for the other to win. Sometimes, however, you lose not because you deserve to lose but because the trial judge misconstrues and/or misapplies the law to your case, the judge ignores set procedures, treats you unjustly, or simply gives the wrong jury instructions in a jury trial. Notwithstanding the reason, we can help you if you have lost at trial, as our job is to thoroughly examine your case record and find out exactly why you lost. We are then prepared to appeal your matter to the highest court with jurisdiction over the matter.

We understand what wins an appeal: understanding which issues matter to the appellate court, and the thoroughness with which an attorney understands and addresses those issues before the court. We are that thorough in analyzing the issues in our clients’ matters and presenting them to the appellate court. That winning formula was what worked for our client in Aremu v. Dep’t of Homeland Security before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, as we succeeded in overturning the judgments of both the Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals in that case.