Bankruptcy Law

Everyone needs a fresh start sometimes. There are certain misconceptions about the bankruptcy process, which make some people shy away from it, but even wealthy people have had to file bankruptcy one time or another and came out of it to be wealthy again. The bankruptcy laws are there to help you reset your financial button.

People end up filing for bankruptcy for a variety of good and legitimate reasons. Unexpected illnesses and medical bill may push someone to file for bankruptcy. You may have credit card debts that have spun out of control due to unforeseen events. You may have suffered business losses because of natural disaster or a pandemic, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, or because the financial market crashed. You may have to save the home you spent your life building/buying. Whatever your reasons, you do not need to feel overwhelmed, as we can help you.

Let us help you stop the foreclosures, levies, garnishments, lawsuits, and rude bill collectors. We are a debt relief agency that can help you get rid of your bad debts and restore your credit.  We represent individuals and small business on cases under Bankruptcy Code Chapters 7, 11, and 13. We will help you navigate the best option for you.