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Mr. Ogune has over twenty years of legal experience, gained at the highest levels of legal practice. He began as the only lawyer in his graduating class to have interned and clerked for three trial judges and one appellate judge in the State of Maryland. Mr. Ogune worked for the Late Hon. Roger W. Brown, Sr. of the Circuit Court of Maryland for Baltimore City. He also worked for Judge Charles E. Moylan, Jr., one of the best appellate judges of all times in Maryland. He then clerked for the Late Hon. Mabel H. Hubbard, the first African-American female Circuit Court Judge in Maryland, and for the Hon. Joseph P. McCurdy, Sr. of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, a trial judge known for his patience, thoroughness and fairness.

Mr. Ogune left law clerkship and began his private practice as an associate of Venable, Baetjer & Howard LLP (now Venable LLP), a premier law firm in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, with offices all over the country. For several years, Mr. Ogune practiced litigation and appellate advocacy as a member of Venable LLP’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group, representing Fortune 500 companies in an array of complex legal matters dealing with commercial disputes, product liability, toxic torts, business torts, employment/labor matters, debtor/creditor rights, and antitrust litigation. With Venable, some of Mr. Ogune’s clients included the following:

  • A corporate executive vice president in her lawsuit against her multinational employer.
  • A bank at the appellate level in overturning the award against the bank for breach of contract and business torts.
  • A weapon’s manufacturer sued for injuries suffered from the unauthorized use of the weapon.
  • A pharmaceutical company sued nationally in a claim for injury resulting allegedly from the preservatives in the pharmaceutical product.
  • A national hotel chain in a creditor/debtor commercial dispute.
  • A national employer in an ERISA action.
  • A national defense contractor in a contract matter.
  • A national employer in an employment/a labor dispute.
  • An automobile manufacturer in a alleged defective manufacturing matter.
  • On a pro bono basis, an individual with developmental challenges for abuses suffered while in the treatment facility.

Mr. Ogune's detailed attention and approach to client matters, and ability to find solutions to any legal situation are well-known by his colleagues. Those skills, which he mastered even as early as a law clerk helping the judges research and draft their legal opinions, and as an associate with Venable LLP dealing with complex legal issues for Fortune 500 companies, have been critical in effectively representing his clients. He has represented clients in important and complex civil matters, including litigation and appellate advocacy, spanning various areas of law. 

For instance, in Aremu v. Dep’t of Homeland Security, Mr. Ogune represented an immigration client before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. That case was a case of first impression before that court, the court having not decided the issue at stake before then. Mr. Ogune was able to convince the appellate court to interpret the Immigration and Nationality Act to mean that the “date of admission” of an immigrant is the date he/she was “inspected” and authorized” at the border prior to entering the country, and so that would be the date from when to calculate the five years after which the immigrant’s resident permit may not be revoked for the commission of a crime of moral turpitude. As a result, the Fourth Circuit vacated the removal order issued by both the United States Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals, whereupon the client was allowed to remain in the country. 

Apart from that very important immigration matter, Mr. Ogune has been successful in a variety of other client matters, including the following examples:

  • Successfully obtaining for a father the primary physical custody of his twelve-year-old son who had lived all of his life with the mother at that time; the mother was ordered to pay child support to the father.
  • Successfully representing a class of airline passengers against the Nigerian government and the now-defunct Nigerian Airways for conduct stranding the passengers in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Successfully representing a spouse against the State of Maryland for the actions of the Baltimore City Police Department and the Medical Examiner’s Office in disposing off the deceased body of a reportedly missing husband without the spouse’s knowledge.
  • Successfully representing the parents of an infant against a pharmacy and the pharmacist who filled the wrong medication for the infant.
  • Successfully defending a mobile ice cream entrepreneur against the claims of the parents of a young child whom a vehicle hit as she crossed the road to purchase ice cream.
  • Successfully challenging the order of the trial court before the Court of Special Appeals denying the husband a fair trial in a marital property division matter brought by the wife.

It does not matter whether it is in immigration, family law, breach of contract, general business matters, personal injury, bankruptcy, civil rights or international business transactions, if your rights are involved, Mr. Ogune is ready and able to defend them. Mr. Ogune approaches every case with the same detailed focus, tenacity and efficiency. He does not quit until the client obtains the best outcome under the circumstances.

Mr. Ogune has not just practiced the law as a private matter, he has been active also in using the law to help the underserved/underrepresented members of the public, particularly to advance the causes of justice and fairness in the society. Mr. Ogune has been active in the Maryland State Bar Association, having been the Co-Chair of the MSBA’s Young Lawyers’ Section’s Disaster Relief Committee, a position for which he received the Daily Record’s Leadership in Law Award for the services rendered to natural and terrorist disaster victims. He was also the Co-Chair of the Pro Bono Committee of the Section, a member of the MSBA’s Membership Committee and the Vice President of the Nigerian Lawyers Association.


J.D., Magna Cum Laude, University of Baltimore School of Law

M.S., Psi Chi, Applied Psychology, University of Baltimore

B.L., The Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus, Nigeria



Court of Appeals of Maryland

Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria



“Judges and Statutory Construction: Judicial Zombism or Contextual Activism?” U. Balt Law Forum, 30:2 (2000).

“Recent Development: “Harford County v. Town of Bel Air: County Has No Governmental Immunity in Contract Actions, Regardless of Whether Contract Involves Proprietary or Governmental Function,” U. Balt Law Forum, 28:2 (1998).

Theo Ogune

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