Our Story

Our story is simple and straightforward.

The Law Office of Ogune LLC is a law firm designed to provide legal representation at the highest level for the average individual and small business entrepreneur.

"While practicing law with Venable LLP, one of the nation's premier law firms, I always believed that every client, individuals or businesses, small or large, should have access to the same type of quality representation that my firm at the time, Venable LLP and such other premier law firms, provided their clients. So, when I left Venable LLP, my goal was building a small law firm that would provide that type of quality representation for the average individual and small business entrepreneurs who could not afford the big firm fees.

Over the years, I have done that. In so doing, at Ogune LLC, we have a network of lawyers and other professionals in the United States and internationally, who work with us to provide the best all-round representation that our clients deserve.

We also have expanded our practice along the same focus of representing individuals and small business entrepreneurs as we would large companies. In addition, to better serve our international clients doing business in both the United States and Africa, several years ago, I obtained a license to practice law as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. That licensure has added enormous value to the representation of those clients with matters spanning the two continents of Africa and North America. We are physically present in Nigeria and Africa through our sister law firm, Ogune & Company, that is located in Lagos, Nigeria, the heartbeat of businesses in Africa, and Asaba, Nigeria, one of the centers of Nigeria's commodity businesses.

Therefore, when you bring your matter to the Law Office of Ogune LLC, you are assured of a tenacious and a well-rounded focus on the matter, particularly as you will have access to a network of bright legal minds and professionals, whose sole purpose is to defend your rights in courts and any other forum that is necessary. We pride ourselves as a firm that represents you at the big firm level for a small firm fee and with a solo-practice attention."

Theo I. Ogune

We give you personal attention

We fight to protect your legal rights

We charge nothing unless we win!

Quality Representation


Our Lawyers

Theo Ogune

Mr. Ogune’s detailed attention and approach to client matters and ability to find solutions to any legal situation are unparalleled.

Anne Rodriguez

Quickly incentivize low-risk high-yield platforms with ubiquitous human capital. Credibly envisioneer next-generation.

Malena Moore

Quickly incentivize low-risk high-yield platforms with ubiquitous human capital. Credibly envisioneer next-generation.